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What are RSS feeds?

The file of feeds are free syndicate content from websites. You can be notified by feeds of updates to a website. They include the titles of articles, summaries and links to the full articles to read online. The latest publications of Paris Descartes Media can be added automatically to your website or add to your sources of information with software to read RSS feeds.

To help you, please, visit the tutorials to use RSS feeds

The online library works with the following software: Firefox Thunderbird FeedReader iTunes

Community Network allows you to retrieve RSS feeds from the Media-library and add them directly to the resources of your blog. If you have an account Community Network, log in please.

RSS Feed all of public resources in the Media-library of Paris Descartes

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podcast If you have iTunes installed on your computer, you can subscribe to iTunes podcast:
Podcast of the Media-library of Paris Descartes
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