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Interview de Marguerite de Causans
Interview de Marguerite de Causans
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01-Welcome to the Apereo Europe Event 2014 [EN]
06 février 15 18:18 | Multimedia DISI Service |
I. Dolphin (Apereo / Executive Director).
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02-The State of Analytics Supporting Learning [EN]
06 février 15 18:17 | Multimedia DISI Service |
E. Duval (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven).
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03-Course Level analytics [EN]
06 février 15 18:16 | Multimedia DISI Service |
P. Lynch (Univ. of Hull).
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04-Learning Record Store - a potential Apereo project? [EN]
06 février 15 18:15 | Multimedia DISI Service |
A. Berg (Univ. of Amsterdam).
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05-Student Success Plan [EN]
06 février 15 18:15 | Multimedia DISI Service |
R. Little (Sinclair Community College).
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06-Karuta Portfolio Initiative [EN]
06 février 15 18:14 | Multimedia DISI Service |
Jacques Raynauld - MATI Montréal, HEC Montréal.
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07-Using Surveys and Server Data to Understand Users in France [FR]
06 février 15 18:13 | Multimedia DISI Service |
F. Dooremont (ULCO),
E. Duquenoy (ULCO),
JF. Lévêque (UPMC).
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08-OAE Project Update [EN]
06 février 15 18:12 | Multimedia DISI Service |
N.Matthijs (Univ. of Cambridge).
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09-Training researchers with Sakai [EN]
06 février 15 18:11 | Multimedia DISI Service |
J. Cope (Univ. of Bath).
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